What We Believe

We believe in supporting the local Muslim children, youths through capacity building activities in regards to the Pillars of Islam (Shahada, Salat, Zakat, Sawm and Hajj) to achieve knowledge and motivation and hence to the bid and will of Allah.

Mission Statement

"To provise Islamic education, religious and social services among the Muslim youths. to collaborate with other organizations to serve a greater Muslim community and develop a harmonious relationship with neighbors and communities within the framework of Islam."

Vision Statement

" To produce confident Muslim youths who can go on to become the frontrunners in the future professions and pursuits by inculcating the yearning for excellence and desire to push the Muslims to take action."

Core Values

" Our primary purpose is to inculcate values such as humility, courage, respect, honesty, cooperation and humanity in accordance to Islam faith and the Qu'ran and serve a greater purpose in humanity."

What We Care For


— We Find and Solve

We explore the causes and implications of challenges among the Muslim youth, recommend workable solutions, and enhance decision-making skills with options to overcome these challenges.


— Mentoring Leadership

We inculcate leadership traits among the Muslim youth to enable them to collectively take on the challenges that may require a governing head in the society and hence also foster leadership.


— We Educate.

Promote understanding of the importance of acquiring not only formal education but education, in general, to play a constructive role in society
and to curb issues that may arise.

12th Annual Musabaqah (Qur’an Competition) 2024

Join us for a day of enlightenment and spiritual enrichment at the 12th Annual Musabaqah Qur’an Competition hosted by Al Shifaa Muslim Youth Initiative. This prestigious event, scheduled for March 23, 2024 a the Star of The Sea Hall, Mombasa, Kenya, promises to be a grand celebration of Quranic knowledge and the art of eloquence.

Witness the awe-inspiring recitations by the young muslim participants from diverse backgrounds, showcasing their dedication to mastering the eloquent verses of the Holy Quran. Each recitation is a testament to the beauty and diversity of our Muslim community.

Participants will engage in various categories, ranging from Tajweed (pronunciation and recitation rules), demonstrating their depth of understanding and connection with the Quran.

This event is a melting pot of cultures and traditions within the Muslim community. Embrace the richness of our collective heritage as participants share their unique interpretations and perspectives on the Quranic teachings.

Be part of a day that transcends competition and becomes a celebration of the Quran’s timeless wisdom!


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